September 13, 2017

"People treat me like I'm some type of free loading drug addict. Like, I've never done drugs and barely even drank alcohol in my whole life.  I had a full time job.... it didn't pay much but I worked and I try my best. My mom got sick, I had to take care of her and lost my job because I kept taking time off. It got really hard and I don't have any other family here. My friends were doing their best to hold down their own lives so what was I supposed to do?"  - Diana S. Resident of Susan’s Place 2013 - 2014

4 years ago I began my relationship with Care for the Homeless as a volunteer wardrobe stylist for the Annual Health Empowered Beauty Fashion Show. In my first year as a volunteer stylist I put castings and fittings together and called on my contacts in the fashion industry to join me in giving the Women of Susan's Place the closest experience to high-end fashion show as I possibly could. As you may imagine when dressing complete strangers you tend to get pretty clos...

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After 12 years in Brooklyn NY building my career as a Fashion/Wardrobe stylist I ultimately got burnt out of NYC and Styling. I decided to move back home to Buffalo NY to focus on my growing consulting business ABM Creative (formally Traveling Trousseau) and well… to be a “grown up”.


Over the years I’ve racked up some skills, a dash of wisdom, plenty of stories and I’m gonna share it all here on A Bitt Moore!

Stick with me as I share style tips (from a pro might I add), empowering and inspirational stuff about life, and keep up with me to see what it really takes

to be your business.

I dig authenticity and I hope sharing my story inspires you to do the same!

Tiffani Moore


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