December 14, 2017

If you happen to follow me on Instagram you may have recently noticed in influx of yoga, wellness and spiritual posts.  Understandably I received a good deal of questions about the seemingly sudden shift; Am I a yogi now? Have I experienced an awakening of some sort? I am I on the spirituality and wellness bandwagon? The truth is I’ve been a yogi and advancing on my spiritual path for a number of years, I simply chose to keep it close to the chest in attempts to avoid the inevitable sharing of my life. Yes, the expedition to enlightenment is personal, but purpose is a hell of a call to action.

                                                           - Summer 2017 -  Meditating on the Earths Root Charka - Mount Shasta -...

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After 12 years in Brooklyn NY building my career as a Fashion/Wardrobe stylist I ultimately got burnt out of NYC and Styling. I decided to move back home to Buffalo NY to focus on my growing consulting business ABM Creative (formally Traveling Trousseau) and well… to be a “grown up”.


Over the years I’ve racked up some skills, a dash of wisdom, plenty of stories and I’m gonna share it all here on A Bitt Moore!

Stick with me as I share style tips (from a pro might I add), empowering and inspirational stuff about life, and keep up with me to see what it really takes

to be your business.

I dig authenticity and I hope sharing my story inspires you to do the same!

Tiffani Moore


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