December 14, 2017

If you happen to follow me on Instagram you may have recently noticed in influx of yoga, wellness and spiritual posts.  Understandably I received a good deal of questions about the seemingly sudden shift; Am I a yogi now? Have I experienced an awakening of some sort? I am I on the spirituality and wellness bandwagon? The truth is I’ve been a yogi and advancing on my spiritual path for a number of years, I simply chose to keep it close to the chest in attempts to avoid the inevitable sharing of my life. Yes, the expedition to enlightenment is personal, but purpose is a hell of a call to action.

                                                           - Summer 2017 -  Meditating on the Earths Root Charka - Mount Shasta -...

November 28, 2017

On October 2nd we reached a milestone with our annual Health Empowered Beauty fashion show.

It was our 5th year running; with the help of our supporters, devoted team of volunteers

and influencers the show was SOLD OUT and we raised over $17K!

With these funds we will be able to provide high quality move-out kits

to dozens (if not hundreds) of women residing in Susan’s Place.

Producing this show is an honor and a labor of love.

Every year I get to know these incredible women and watch them light up, support each other and strut down the runway. This is more than a fashion show.

This is more than a temporary attempt to make homeless women feel better for a night.

This is an opportunity for our ladies - our super models

to know that they are worth all of the time, energy, sweat and tears out take to put this event together.

We are offering a platform for best self to emerge and be supported with the funds we raise

for move-out kits and aftercare programs.

Thank you ZOOMIN TV f...

September 13, 2017

"People treat me like I'm some type of free loading drug addict. Like, I've never done drugs and barely even drank alcohol in my whole life.  I had a full time job.... it didn't pay much but I worked and I try my best. My mom got sick, I had to take care of her and lost my job because I kept taking time off. It got really hard and I don't have any other family here. My friends were doing their best to hold down their own lives so what was I supposed to do?"  - Diana S. Resident of Susan’s Place 2013 - 2014

4 years ago I began my relationship with Care for the Homeless as a volunteer wardrobe stylist for the Annual Health Empowered Beauty Fashion Show. In my first year as a volunteer stylist I put castings and fittings together and called on my contacts in the fashion industry to join me in giving the Women of Susan's Place the closest experience to high-end fashion show as I possibly could. As you may imagine when dressing complete strangers you tend to get pretty clos...

April 3, 2017

Seemingly born into a life of style, I developed my appreciation the pretty things at an early age. My mother was a seamstress dragging us to JoAnne fabrics on a regular basis. I now love these trips with mom, but as a kid I was in utter anguish. My dad was plain old fashioned irresponsible when it came to buying clothing – Bachrach magazines and packages flooded the mailbox, I was always partial to the “Tough Guy accessories“ lol.

We didn’t have much growing up, but the need to express myself through style was undeniable – enter my love for thrifting.  Once I got a taste for inexpensive, ‘one of a kind’ pieces I never looked back. Keep in mind this was in buffalo NY in the early 90’s before thrifting became a “thing”…. My peers did not understand me. In my early 20’s I worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the Dementia/Alzheimer unit and a rehabilitation aid for adults with developmental disabilities. Not only did wearing scrubs for 5 days a week fuel the self express...

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After 12 years in Brooklyn NY building my career as a Fashion/Wardrobe stylist I ultimately got burnt out of NYC and Styling. I decided to move back home to Buffalo NY to focus on my growing consulting business ABM Creative (formally Traveling Trousseau) and well… to be a “grown up”.


Over the years I’ve racked up some skills, a dash of wisdom, plenty of stories and I’m gonna share it all here on A Bitt Moore!

Stick with me as I share style tips (from a pro might I add), empowering and inspirational stuff about life, and keep up with me to see what it really takes

to be your business.

I dig authenticity and I hope sharing my story inspires you to do the same!

Tiffani Moore


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